Marques Haven is dead ~

I am a failure and to that end this endeavor must cease to exist. I have tried but most certainly have failed to stay a step beyond my past demons. So where does that leave me? Simply put, at the realization that those demons, my demons, have out paced my ability to exist. I am tired of running and I have no more give.

Marques Haven is dead ~

To those I have affected, I am incapable of putting into words the utter heartbreak I feel for the pain that I have caused you. You did not deserve such a thing and thus, I do not deserve you. I have proven myself unworthy of your love as well as your forgiveness.

My life will be defined by my failure to cherish the very thing that means the most to me, you, my family; you will forever have my love. It was my hope that through all of you I would finally find sanctuary from myself, a place I could not tear down but I have in fact, done just that. Forgive me ~

What I have done, what I have manage to destroy, will chase me for all of eternity. I am deeply sorry for disappointing you, it was never my intent but I guess intent is nothing more then the dark shadow of actions.

Marques Haven Is Dead ~